Thanks again for the incredible price and great service!!!

So after using the TROLLMaster on my 9.8 tohatsu trolling motor I can say it's the best upgrade I have ever made to any of the boats I have had. Having a remote control for steering and throttle control so i can sit in my comfortable boat seat instead of in the back of the boat steering or working the throttle makes a huge difference in making the day so much more enjoyable. I also took advantage of the idle and max throttle on the remote to give my lure more action. I never used to do this when working the tiller for some reason. Doing this increased our hookups on kokanee and it only takes 2 presses on a button. I have spoke to many guys on the water and at the launch who asked what I had hooked up to my motor refering to the panther 5T and after explaining they all want one. I don't think I will ever work the tiller again while trolling. The only thing better would be to have an auto pilot hookup and program it to speed up and slow down every couple minutes

automatically but then I wouldn't have anything to do. So thanks again for the incredible price and great service.