Where can I get the updated Installation guide for TM216HWKIT?

There is no kit for the following:

  • ALL 2-STROKE motors
  • ALL 25 HP and larger motors. 
  • YAMAHA 6 HP 2013 and newer
  • All Mercury EFI use the 216 kit
Can I get Trollmaster products repaired?

 Can I get Trollmaster products repaired?

We no longer have a service department for Trollmaster. Please contact customer service at cs@cmpgroup.net for troubleshooting.

I have lost my installation/owner’s manual for my Trollmaster product. Where can I get a replacement?

All install guides and owner’s manuals can be viewed/downloaded here: https://trollmasters.com/downloads/

Will Trollmaster run my battery down?

No, at least not at a level that will be noticed during operation. The Trollmaster draws a negligible amount of current. However, there is a draw, and if your boat is in storage the Trollmaster should be disconnected from the battery.

What does the IDLE control do on the Trollmaster?

When trolling speed is set and the IDLE button is depressed, the Trollmaster will throttle down to the idle position. 

This feature is useful when you hook a fish while trolling—once a fish is hooked up, depress the IDLE button so you can maintain forward motion and keep the other lures in your spread from tangling, but at the same time not having to deal with full trolling speed while fighting the fish.

To resume trolling, press the IDLE button again, and the Trollmaster will return to the exact throttle setting that was set previously.

What does the MAX THTL control do on the Trollmaster?

This is the “Maximum Throttle” control. Upon depressing AND HOLDING DOWN the MAX THTL button on the remote you will immediately achieve approximately 70% of mechanical throttle.

When you release the button you will return to your trolling speed. The intention is for a temporary boost of power to give extra life to your trolling spread, or to make a quick steering adjustment.

How precise is the throttle control on a Trollmaster?

All versions of Trollmaster allow precision throttle control. There are 250 increments of adjustment, allowing the user to dial in a speed to within a tenth of a mile per hour. 

Is Trollmaster hard to install?

No, but installing a Trollmaster requires basic tools and mechanical knowledge to install.

Step by step instructions are available to view and download on our website: https://trollmasters.com/downloads/

You can also view an example install here: https://youtu.be/ld0oULdPDVc

Is Trollmaster waterproof?

No. Trollmaster is water resistant but not submersible.

Will Trollmaster shift my kicker motor in and out of gear?

No. The user must manually move the engine’s gear shift lever to go in and out of gear.

How do I steer my kicker with Trollmaster?

Complete control of throttle and steering can be accomplished by using a Wireless Trollmaster in conjunction with a Panther Electro Steer. Trollmaster will steer all Panther steering devices, including T-4, T-5 and 101A.



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