Where can I get promotional stickers?

We now have promotional stickers available.  Please email us with your name and address, along with how you plan to display your TROLLmaster sticker.


Can I get TROLLMaster products repaired?

Our technicians can generally repair any TROLLMaster product, depending on the availability of parts.  Please send us an email describing what needs to be repaired, and consider including some pictures to help us troubleshoot your issue. In some cases you will be just as well off simply ordering replacement parts from our Parts Shop.

I have lost my installation/owner’s manual for my TROLLMaster Product. Where can I get a replacement?

Please call our Customer Service Department to get replacement installation/owner’s manuals.

I need replacement parts that are not shown on the Part Shop of the website. Where can I get these?

Additional parts are available by calling or emailing Customer Service. While the parts shown on the Parts Shop of the website are the ones most frequently needed for our products, all the parts available are not shown.  Be prepared to provide which model you need parts for, and sending us pictures can be very helpful in ensuring that you get the proper parts.

I need to have a component/part shipped overseas. Is this possible?

TROLLMaster Products can ship overseas. You will need to email the Customer Service Department for shipping prices.

Will TROLLMaster run my battery down?

No, at least not at a level that will be noticed during operation. The TROLLMaster draws a negligible amount of current. However, there is a draw, and if your boat is in storage the TROLLMaster should be disconnected from the battery.

What does the IDLE control do on the TROLLMaster

When trolling speed is set and the IDLE button is depressed, the TROLLMaster with throttle down to the idle position.  This feature is useful when you hook a fish while trolling—once a fish is hooked up, depress the IDLE button so you can maintain forward motion and keep the other lures in your spread from tangling, but at the same time not having to seal with full trolling speed while fighting the fish.

To resume trolling, press the IDLE button again, and the TROLLMaster will return to the exact throttle setting that was set previously.

What does the MAX THTL control do on the TROLLMaster?

This is the “Maximum Throttle” control. Upon depressing AND HOLDING DOWN the MAX THTL button on the remote you will immediately achieve approximately 70% of mechanical throttle. When you release the button you will return to your trolling speed. The intention is for a temporary boost of power to give extra life to your trolling spread, or to make a quick steering adjustment.

How precise is the throttle control on a TROLLMaster?

The TROLLMaster PRO has basic throttle control settings, which may be all the weekend or casual angler needs. But to really “dial-in” your speed, you cannot beat the throttle control offered by the PRO2 and PRO3. These systems have 10 times the throttle control of the PRO for those times when micro adjustments to your speed is the difference between catching limits and coming in with an empty fish box.

Is TROLLMaster hard to install?

No, but installing a TROLLMaster requires basic tools and mechanical knowledge to install. We offer step-by-step install instructions with every product on an included CD. Or refer to our Installation Guides online to download the latest copy if available.  Also view an example install here.

Is TROLLMaster waterproof?

No. TROLLMaster is water resistant but not submersible.

Will TROLLMaster shift my kicker motor in and out of gear?

No.  The user must manually move the engine’s gear shift lever to go in and out of gear.

Can I steer my kicker with a TROLLMaster?

Yes. Complete control of throttle and steering can be accomplished by using the TROLLMaster PRO3 in conjunction with a Panther Electro Steer. NOTE: If this will be a NEW install of TROLLMaster AND Electro Steer, we now sell the Panther ElectroSteer without the electronics. Make sure the part number for the Electro Steer you order has NE at the end so you do not pay for an extra wiring harnesses!

NOTE: If this will be a NEW install of TROLLMaster AND Electro Steer, we now sell the Panther Electro Steer without the electronics. Make sure the part number for the ElectroSteer you order has NE at the end so you do not pay for an extra wiring harnesses!

Can I buy parts for my TROLLMaster if I am a current owner?
YES! You are now able to purchase parts for your TrollMaster directly from our Parts Shop.
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