So after using the Trollmaster on my 9.8 tohatsu trolling motor I can say it’s the best upgrade I have ever made to any of the boats I have had. Having a remote control for steering and throttle control so i can sit in my comfortable boat seat instead of in the back of the boat steering or working the throttle makes a huge difference in making the day so much more enjoyable.

I also took advantage of the idle and max throttle on the remote to give my lure more action. I never used to do this when working the tiller for some reason. Doing this increased our hookups on kokanee and it only takes 2 presses on a button. I have spoke to many guys on the water and at the launch who asked what I had hooked up to my motor refering to the panther 5T and after explaining they all want one. I don’t think I will ever work the tiller again while trolling.

The only thing better would be to have an auto pilot hookup and program it to speed up and slow down every couple minutes automatically but then I wouldn’t have anything to do. So thanks again for the incredible price and great service.


I sent a Trollmaster back to get it repaired. I called and spoke with Jerry initially. I sent it in, you fixed it, and it is now installed in my boat as of last night.

I cannot express enough how thoroughly impressed I am with the incredible experience I had with your company. Jerry was extremely helpful out of the gates as I spoke to him twice. The technician(I did not catch his name but his initials are SG on the work order)was very professional, courteous and knowledgeable about your product. I received my shipped product promptly when the repair was finished.

Your company has by far exceeded the many previous experiences I have had in the world of marine repair/service!


I just wanted to let you know that I received and installed my Trollmaster unit last week. I used it over the weekend and everything worked perfectly.

I am extremely thankful and surprised at the level of customer service provided considering this part was not under warranty. Replacing the servo, installing a fuse in the power feed wiring and expediting shipping, all free of charge, were far above and beyond my expectations.

Thank you very much. You have a return customer in the future.


We just got back from our trip to Vancouver Island and I had to tell you that the Pro 3 far exceeded our expectations! What a fantastic product. I don’t know how many times I would go up or down one or two numbers and that would make the difference and a rod would slam down. We averaged 30+/- fish per day and I feel strongly that many were due to the addition of your unit.

It was great to get a fish on and just push idle, land the fish, immediately go back to troll and have another fish on. One of our best and most comfortable trips ever never having to go back to the trolling motor hoping that the manual adjustment was what we wanted. We were able to dial in what we wanted and it stayed right there.

We also used the ‘Max burst’ a few times while fishing for Sockeye with good result. They are known for following your spread for great distances without ever biting. We have always used turns before to change things up. Now with the ‘burst’ we have something new to add to the game. They seemed to like it too.

All in all we couldn’t be happier. It’s a great product with great service back up. What more could we ask for. Thank You.

We can’t wait to try it in the mouth of the Columbia in August for Chinook. Totally different and more sophisticated fishery; much bigger fish, 20 feet of water vs. 100 to 300+, and speed is really important. The Pro 3 is going to shine.


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