Trollmaster PRO3+ Wireless

The Trollmaster PRO3+ integrates the finest elements of the PRO series legacy while introducing the most sought-after feature: wireless functionality. Its remote is powered by 2 AAA batteries, and the receiver operates efficiently using your existing marine-grade 12-volt battery.

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The PRO 3 Plus retains the precision speed and direction control of its predecessor, the PRO Series, now operated via a stylish wireless remote that can be worn around your neck, kept in a pocket, or mounted on the boat.

Trollmaster Pro3+ Features

  • Ergonomic remote
  • Full wireless remote steering control (only works with Panther Electro Steer Units—sold separately)
  • Precision throttle control
  • Momentary full-throttle burst
  • Water-resistant controller with LCD Display
  • Easy installation
  • Engine-specific hardware fits neatly under the cowling
  • FCC and IC approved

Motor Specific Hardware Kits are SOLD SEPARATELY and must be purchased to make the system work.

Kit Includes

  • Wireless controller
  • Radio receiver
  • Servo
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • Detachable lanyard

No more cables to trip over, and no more having to run a cable from the motor to the helm.

Trollmaster PRO 3+ features a back-lit display for those times when you’re fishing right up to and past sunset when the bite is so hot, you can’t leave the water.

The rabbit and turtle buttons increase and decrease speed in small increments and keep it there. The controller will go into sleep mode after one minute of inactivity to save power. A quick press of any button will wake it up, and your previous trolling speed will still be set.

TrollMaster PRO3+ will also work in conjunction with any of the Panther Electro Steers if you choose to add this feature.

We build all of our TrollMasters to be saltwater compatible with the exclusive use of aluminum and stainless steel components.

Trollmaster Pro3+ Wireless Hardware Kits

We offer a variety of different servo mounting hardware kits to allow easy installation on most popular kicker motors. The motor-specific hardware kit must be purchased as a separate item. As long as you know the make, HP and year of your kicker motor, you can determine which hardware kit you need. See the chart below.



TM200HWKIT Honda 5, 8, 9.9, 15 (1980-2000)
TM201HWKIT Mercury Mariner 9.9, 15 (1990-2004) | Yamaha 9.9, 15 (1989-2006)
TM203HWKIT Mercury 4, 5, 6 (all years) | Nissan/Tohatsu 5, 6 (1995-present)
TM206HWKIT Yamaha 6 (1999-2012) | Yamaha 8 including Hi-Thrust (1999-present) | Yamaha 9.9 including Hi-Thrust (2008-present)
TM207HWKIT Honda 8, 9.9, 15, 20 (2001-present)
TM208HWKIT Johnson/Evinrude 9.9, 15 (2003-2011) | Suzuki 9.9,15 (2003-2012)
TM209HWKIT Mercury 15, 20 Tiller only (2005-2010)
TM210HWKIT Yamaha 9.9 including Hi-Thrust (2005-2007) | Yamaha 15 including Hi-Thrust (2005-2017)
TM212HWKIT Mercury 8, 9.9 (2005-present) | Evinrude 9.8 (2013-present) | Nissan/Tohatsu 8, 9.8 (2003-present)
TM214HWKIT Mercury 9.9, 15, 20 (2011-2017) | Mercury 15 Remote only (2005-2010) | Evinrude 15 (2012-present) | Nissan/Tohatsu 20 (2011-present)
TM215HWKIT Suzuki 9.9, 15, 20 EFI only (2014-present)
TM216HWKIT Mercury 15, 20 EFI (2018-present) Remote Throttle or Tiller | Tohatsu 9.9, 15, 20 EFI (2018-present) Remote Throttle or Tiller

Useful Trollmaster Pro3+ Hint

When you hook a fish, just press the Idle button on the remote and your kicker motor will drop into “slow ahead” mode, allowing you to maintain slow forward progress while battling the fish.

Once the catch has been landed, pressing the Idle button again will resume that perfect trolling speed you had dialed in. If at any time during your trolling session you want to give your spread a strike-inducing burst of speed, press and hold the Max Throttle button.

This will rev the motor up to 70% and keep it there as long as the button is held.

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